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LED downlight module for crystal chandelier

3. 4. 2023

Many people and also some of our clients refused buying crystal chandelier for their dining room, kitchen and other places where the light downwards is required. Especially when they have no other source of light. For years we were not able to solve this, until now!


It’s our great pleasure to share with you finally the classic crystal chandeliers with arms were improved to bring enough light for your dining table, work kitchen island, negotiation table and another places you wish to lit downwards very well.


Thanks to sophisticated LED solution with cooling, optical lens and other special design metal parts we used there, the final look remains timeless and elegant with significant added value.

Brand new CH-15 Galaxy-downlight S is ready for you now. But most importantly on demand you can have this upgrade for almost all the new lightings from 10 to 15 arms with the voltage 220V - 240V throughout all our product ranges (except Coated brass), in silver color of metal.


The standard price of LED downlight module is 333 EUR excl. VAT. The amount will be added to the price of chosen chandelier. Feel free to ask for this upgrade by e-mail or in your comment while ordering. We will be happy to update price offer accordingly.

You can check more the lightings hanged in real interiors here.

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