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Best-selling crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers and wall lamps popular with customers and business partners of LUCKY GLASS. These chandeliers of various shapes, design or colours are ordered most often. This is a quick overview of our chandeliers and wall lamps regardless of their placement in categories.


W-02 Crystal-DT

 207 excl. VAT

CH-24 Crystal-DG -20 % discount

 1.450  1.160 excl. VAT

CH-05V Crystal-G

od  252 excl. VAT

CH-06 Basket-A New

 632 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-DS

 635 excl. VAT

CH-05 Coated brass-A

 577 excl. VAT

CH-08 Coated brass-AS

 931 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-XLG

 1.207 excl. VAT

CH-15 Crystal-D

 917 excl. VAT

W-01 Galaxy-crystal SPS

 164 excl. VAT

CH-08 Coated brass-A

 931 excl. VAT

CH-08 Crystal-DT

 648 excl. VAT

W-02 Coated brass-A

 182 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-S

 101 excl. VAT

W-02 Lotos-black

 417 excl. VAT

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