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Crystal wall lights

Crystal wall lamps of various shapes, sizes, colours and trimmings complement our crystal chandeliers LUCKY GLASS. In this category you can find neutral crystal wall lamps with white and gold candle socket covers as well as wall lights made of red, black, blue and violet leaded crystal. You can also choose coated wall lights or wall lights made of brass coated with chrome or 24-carat gold.


W-02 Crystal-DTS

 222 excl. VAT

W-02S Coated brass-A beige

 234 excl. VAT

W-02S Coated brass-AS white

 234 excl. VAT

W-01 Coated crystal-D

 80 excl. VAT

W-01 Coated crystal-DS

 95 excl. VAT

W-01 Crystal

 57 excl. VAT

W-01 Crystal-G

 61 excl. VAT

W-01 Crystal-S

 62 excl. VAT

W-01 Galaxy-crystal SP

 150 excl. VAT

W-01 Galaxy-crystal SPS

 160 excl. VAT

W-01V Crystal

od  57 excl. VAT

W-01V Crystal-G

od  60 excl. VAT

W-02 Coated brass-A

 178 excl. VAT

W-02 Coated brass-AS

 178 excl. VAT

W-02 Coated crystal-DS

 151 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal

 91 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-DT

 203 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-G

 98 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-gilded

 283 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-KNG

 107 excl. VAT

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