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Chandeliers with 16 to 24 bulbs

These large chandeliers are suitable for spacious interiors with higher ceilings. The chandeliers can illuminate your entrance hall, ballroom, stylish bar and other large places. Another possibility is to use one big chandelier and complement it by several smaller chandeliers in order to sufficiently illuminate more spacious interiors.


CH-18 Galaxy-crystal SPS New

 2.392 excl. VAT

CH-24 Coated crystal-D New

 1.748 excl. VAT

CH-18 Crystal-gold

 2.691 excl. VAT

CH-18 Crystal-DTS

 1.755 excl. VAT

CH-18 Coated crystal-DS

 1.567 excl. VAT

CH-18 Crystal-2DS

 1.255 excl. VAT

CH-18 Crystal-DT

 1.619 excl. VAT

CH-18 Crystal-gilded

 2.564 excl. VAT

CH-24 Crystal-D

 1.365 excl. VAT

CH-24 Crystal-DG

 1.450 excl. VAT

CH-24 Crystal-DS

 1.476 excl. VAT

Don't forget to look at the biggest chandeliers with more than 25 light bulbs. It is also possible to complement them by smaller chandeliers with 12 to 15 light bulbs, 5 to 7 light bulbs or 8 to 11 light bulbs.