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Chandeliers with 5 to 7 bulbs

In this category you can find small crystal chandeliers with five to seven arms (light bulbs). This size is ideal for small interiors where additional lighting can be used. Six-arm chandeliers can be found in every basic LUCKY GLASS product range.


CH-06 Galaxy-red SP New

 1.063 excl. VAT

CH-05 Galaxy-azure SPS

 911 excl. VAT

CH-05 Galaxy-black SPS

 944 excl. VAT

CH-05 Galaxy-blue SP

 927 excl. VAT

CH-05 Galaxy-red SP

 941 excl. VAT

CH-05 Lotos-violet New

 871 excl. VAT

CH-05B Lotos-black New

 625 excl. VAT

CH-05B Lotos-green New

 608 excl. VAT

CH-05S Crystal-TL beige New

 535 excl. VAT

CH-05S Crystal-TL white New

 535 excl. VAT

CH-06 Coated brass-A

 734 excl. VAT

CH-06 Crystal-DT

 620 excl. VAT

CH-06 Basket-A in silver New

 674 excl. VAT

CH-05N Galaxy-crystal SPS

 728 excl. VAT

CH-06 Basket-A New

 619 excl. VAT

CH-06S Coated brass-AS white

 902 excl. VAT

CH-05 Coated brass-A

 565 excl. VAT

CH-05 Coated brass-AS

 565 excl. VAT

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