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Clear chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers and wall lights with golden metal parts combined with classic clear components and trimmings. Colourless chandeliers are suitable for classic as well as modern interiors. A colourless chandelier with golden metal parts is suitable if golden decorations prevail in your living room, dining room, entrance hall, bar and other interiors but you don't want to use a gold chandelier.


CH-01 Galaxy-crystal TL New

 186 excl. VAT

CH-03 Crystal-DT New

 462 excl. VAT

CH-06 Crystal-DT

 646 excl. VAT

CH-10N Galaxy-crystal SP

 1.399 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-DT

 212 excl. VAT

CH-10 Crystal-NB

 674 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-XL

 1.191 excl. VAT

CH-15 Crystal-D

 937 excl. VAT

CH-10 Galaxy-crystal XL

 2.096 excl. VAT

CH-01 Galaxy-red TL

 230 excl. VAT

CH-03 Crystal-A

 250 excl. VAT

CH-05 Crystal-B

 312 excl. VAT

CH-05 Crystal-TL

 411 excl. VAT

Don't forget to look at golden, silver, black, red, blue, green and other crystal chandeliers.