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Lightings up to 4 bulbs

This category contains the smallest crystal chandeliers and wall lamps up to four arms (light bulbs). These chandeliers are suitable for less spacious interiors or they can be use as an additional lighting to bigger crystal chandeliers.


CH-01 Galaxy-crystal TL New

 179 excl. VAT

CH-01 Galaxy-crystal TLS New

 191 excl. VAT

CH-03 Crystal-DT New

 443 excl. VAT

CH-03S Crystal-TLS grey New

 367 excl. VAT

CH-03S Crystal-TLS white New

 367 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-DTS

 222 excl. VAT

W-02S Coated brass-A beige

 234 excl. VAT

W-02S Coated brass-AS white

 234 excl. VAT

CH-01 Galaxy-red TL

 221 excl. VAT

CH-03 Crystal-A

 239 excl. VAT

CH-03 Crystal-AG

 248 excl. VAT

CH-03 Crystal-AS

 266 excl. VAT

CH-03 Crystal-TLS

 283 excl. VAT

W-01 Coated crystal-D

 80 excl. VAT

W-01 Coated crystal-DS

 95 excl. VAT

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