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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LUCKY GLASS a manufacturer of chandeliers or an Internet seller?

LUCKY GLASS s.r.o. manufactures all the chandeliers which you can see on our website www.luckyglass.cz and sells them directly in their sample room and especially in e-shop.

Is it possible to look at the chandeliers in person?

You can look at about 50 types of chandeliers at our company's sample room address. If you want to come and look at the showroom, it is necessary to arrange a visit by calling +420 495 491 910 or by sending an e-mail to lucky@luckyglass.cz in advance.

Do you ship the chandeliers abroad?

Yes, LUCKY GLASS s.r.o. has already shipped its chandeliers to more than 90 countries.

Which shipping methods do you offer?

We use several approved carriers and we always choose the most economical and safest shipping method according to the customer's destination.

Destination Option 1 Option 2
Czech Republic Czech post, PPL - packages DB Schenker, PPL - pallet consignments
Europe FedEx, DPD, UPS - smaller consignments DHL Freight, DB Schenker - bigger consignments
Non-European states (third countries) FedEx - smaller consignments ZOOM CARGO - large consignments

During the ordering process you will be informed about the shipping method and cost before you place the order. If you want to ask for alternative shipping method or if the price is not displayed, please choose the Individual shipping method. After you click on Individual shipping method, we will send you information about price of your order including shipping cost by e-mail within one working day. You will receive a link by e-mail which will enable you to finish the ordering process.

How are the chandeliers packed and protected against damage during shipment?

All chandeliers (except the Basket type) are shipped dismantled. Individual labelled parts of the chandeliers are packed in the bubble wrap and wrapping paper and then they are put into the thickest 5-layer cardboard box with a protective lining. Every package contains assembly instructions and a guarantee document.

If you order two and more products, the cardboard boxes are put into a master carton which is put and fixed to the pallet. The whole pallet is then wrapped with a stretch foil and fixed with PP strapping strips with protective plastic pads which should prevent the strips from tearing and prevent the master carton from damaging.

How long does it take to make a chandelier?

The date when the chandelier will be made depends on the category in which your chosen chandeliers belong.

The exact date of shipment will be specified by e-mail when we receive your order. On your request, we will gladly inform you about current availability of specific chandeliers.

How long does it take to deliver the chandelier?

It depends on the chosen shipping method and customer's address. Generally, the shipment takes 1 to 2 days within the Czech Republic and 3 to 6 days when shipping abroad.

How much does the shipment cost?

The shipping price depends on the consignment's weight, size and customer's shipping address. If you order more chandeliers, the shipping price for one chandelier will be lower than if you ordered the chandelier individually. You can send us your non-binding order and delivery address with your postcode and we will inform you about the shipping price within 1 working day. If you place your order in our e-shop, you will be usually informed about the shipping price immediately and you can finish your order right away.

Do I have to pay VAT (DPH)?

  • Price exluding VAT - this price is valid only for customers living outside the EU and customers from the EU (except customers from the Czech Republic) who are registered to VAT in the EU. In that case, we request you to send your VAT registration number and copy of your VAT registration by e-mail.
  • Price including VAT - this price is valid for customers from the Czech Republic and customers from the EU who are not registered to VAT.

Which payment methods do you accept?

  • Cash on Delivery - consignments within the Czech Republic
  • Bank transfer - payment in advance after we confirm receipt of order; this payment method can be used if you don't want to pay with a payment card
  • Payment card - when ordering online in our e-shop

How can I order LUCKY GLASS chandeliers?

The detailed information about ordering LUCKY GLASS chandeliers can be found in the section How to buy. You can order chandeliers in our e-shop or by e-mail, telephone, fax or in person at our new company sample room.

Are the chandeliers shipped with light bulbs?

Our chandeliers are delivered without light bulbs.

What types of light bulbs do you recommend?

We recommend replacing the classic 40W candle light bulbs with energy saving halogen OSRAM light bulbs (type Halogen ECO PRO Classic B 30W, E14 base) or Philips light bulbs (type EcoClassic E14 28W 230V B35) shaped like a candle. Also you can use OSRAM light bulbs (type Halogen ECO PRO Classic BW 30W, E14 base) or Philips light bulbs (type EcoClassic E14 28W 230V B35S) shaped like a twisted candle.

Halogen light bulbs:

  • pleasant natural light
  • 100% dimmable
  • save up to 30% energy
  • double lifetime compared with an ordinary light bulb; OSRAM says that the average life is 2 years when used approximately 2.7 hours a day
  • don't contain mercury or any other harmful substances and can be therefore disposed with domestic waste

LED light bulbs represent the future of the lighting industry. The newest LED light bulbs by Czech TESLA Lighting called LED Crystal Retro 360° in the shape of a classic candle save up to 90% energy and can therefore replace classic 38W candle light bulbs. They have an extremely long life (up to 15 years when used approximately 2.7 hours a day) and therefore they represent the ecologic future of the lighting industry.

LED bulbs:

  • beam angle and look of incandescent bulbs
  • very high LED efficiency with up to 90% energy saving
  • very long lifetime up to 15 years when used approximately 2.7 hours a day
  • environmentally friendly – no mercury, lead and other hazardous substances

Can I assemble the chandelier myself?

Our chandeliers can be assembled by any person with average technical knowledge. The assembly is described in detail in the attached assembly instructions. The electrical installation of the chandelier needs to be done by a qualified and trained person with electrical qualification.

What should I do if one of the parts breaks?

Parts broken during shipment

  1. If you find out that the package was damaged during shipment, write a protocol about the damage with the carrier before you accept the order. Also take a photo of the damage with your camera (or mobile phone).
  2. Then check all the individual parts of the chandelier. If some of them were damaged, take a photo of them and send us the photo of the damaged parts by e-mail together with their labels (see attached assembly instructions) and the protocol written with the carrier.
  3. We will send you a new part for free and we will deal with the carrier ourselves.

Parts broken during assembly or maintenance

  1. If you break a part during assembly or maintenance, take again a photo of the broken part and send us the photo of the damaged part by e-mail together with its label (see attached assembly instructions).
  2. Also please e-mail us your delivery address and postcode.
  3. We will send you information about the price of the part including shipping price.
  4. The spare part will be send to you after it is paid for.

Is it possible to adjust the length of the hanging chain?

Yes, the chain can be shortened or extended (the extension is for additional charge). Next to the detailed photograph of every chandelier there is the height of the chandelier without the chain, the standard chain length and the total length of the chandelier including the chain. If you need a longer or shorter chain, please note it in the Your comment field in the order and select Individual shipping. The click on Quote shipping price. You will be informed about the price of the non-standard chain length by e-mail and then you will be able to finish the ordering process.

How can I choose a suitable chandelier for my interior?

Do you provide the same discount to the end customers as well as wholesalers?

Terms for providing discounts to end customers can be found in the section about volume discounts. Terms for providing discounts to wholesalers can be sent on request by e-mail.

How do I find out if the Swarovski trimmings on your chandeliers are original Swarovski products?

Some chandeliers from the Leaded Crystal product range are ornamented with two types of trimmings made by Swarovski.

Swarovski Elements – trimmings are labelled as SE (golden colour metal parts) or SES (silver colour metal parts). The highest trimmings quality, previously labelled as Swarovski Strass. Made of Advanced Crystal, which guarantees superior quality and perfect brilliance. Every trimming is labelled with a laser engraving and you will get an original Swarovski certificate to every chandelier decorated with these trimmings. The originality of trimmings is thus certified by laser engravings and a Swarovski certificate.

Spectra Crystal – affordable type of trimmings which are used more often than Swarovski Elements trimmings. We label them as SP (golden colour metal parts) or SPS (silver colour metal parts). Spectra Crystal are the most widely used trimmings in the world thanks to their exceptional polishing, quality and price. Spectra Crystal trimmings are not engraved with laser but you will get an original Swarovski certificate if you purchase them.

What guarantee do the LUCKY GLASS chandeliers carry?

Chandeliers by LUCKY GLASS are intended to illuminate standard dry interiors. LUCKY GLASS s.r.o. (the manufacturer) guarantees that the chandelier's quality specified by corresponding norms will stay the same 24 months from the date of sale.

If a flaw appears on a product within the guarantee period and the flaw is not caused by the consumer or natural elements (force majeure), the product will be repaired free of charge. The guarantee ceases to exist if the consumer makes his own adjustments to the chandelier, changes it in any way or damages the product.

What do the numbers and letters in the product name mean?

  • CH - abbreviation of the word "chandelier"
  • W - abbreviation of the word "wall light"
  • Number 1,2,...,42 - number of glass arms (light bulbs)
  • Crystal - a term that places the chandelier into the Crystal product range
  • Coated crystal - a term that places the chandelier into the Coated Crystal product range
  • Coated brass - a term that places the chandelier into the Coated Crystal product range
  • Galaxy, Lotos, Olive, Gilded - a term that places the chandelier into the Leaded Crystal product range
  • Letters A, AN, B, BK, C, D, DT, DK, F, K, KN, NB, NBN, XL - indicate a certain type of trimmings on a chandelier with golden colour of metal and white candle socket covers
  • Letter G added behind the letters - the chandelier has golden colour of metal and golden candle socket covers
  • Letter S added behind the letters - the chandelier has silver colour of metal and white candle socket covers
  • Number 2 added before letters - two reversed bowls on each arm

What material are the chandeliers made of?

Information about material can be found in the detail of every chandelier.

Is it possible to make the chandeliers according to the U.S. standards?

Usually we make the chandeliers for 230 V.

On your request we can make chandeliers with SPT1 a SPT2 wires and American E-12 sockets. This chandeliers are designated for 120V (50/60Hz) and therefore comply with the American standards.

!!! It is necessary to specify this requirement in Your comment field in your order !!!

Note: Downlight module is available for 220 V - 240 V only

I would like to buy something special. What do you recommend?

If you require something special, we can recommend Galaxy chandeliers from the Leaded Crystal product range which are made of hand blown and hand cut leaded crystal with 24% of PbO (lead oxide). The perfect glitter of these exclusive chandeliers is intensified by leaded crystal trimmings with 30% of PbO.

LUCKY GLASS is also the only Czech manufacturer of exceptional chandeliers from the Coated Crystal product range. These chandeliers are made of crystal parts coated with noble metal. Chandeliers Coated brass from this product range are made of brass coated with chrome or brass coated with 24-carat gold. Coated chandeliers are especially suitable for modern interiors.