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About chandeliers

A crystal chandelier in modern interior

A baroque church, ceremonial hall or a hall in a castle. These are classic interiors where most people would imagine a crystal chandelier to be hung. It is logical because crystal chandeliers were pride of aristocratic families for centuries and they also emphasized the beauty of ecclesiastical buildings.

The fixed stereotype of a crystal chandelier appearing only in fairy tales or castles is slowly changing these days. Crystal chandeliers are being bought by people who prefer classic beauty and stylish interiors. Also young architects, artists and people interested in contemporary design are starting to admire the beauty of sparkling trimmings. Nowadays, crystal chandeliers are being used more often in current classic, rustical and modern interiors.

Only a few manufacturers can actually meet this demand and offer not only classic chandeliers, but also new models which would maintain the classic chandeliers’ original beauty but introduce it with a new image. You can look at our Gallery and see if we succeeded in this difficult task.

How to choose a crystal chandelier for your interior

A new chandelier has to fulfil two basic conditions:

  • You like it at first sight.
  • It has an appropriate price which you are willing to accept.

In addition, the chandelier also has to meet other criteria.

  • The size, shape and style of the chandelier must be adequate for the size of the interior, height of the ceiling and style of your room.
  • The chandelier has to shine with sufficient intensity. It is important to decide what size of room the chandelier should illuminate and whether it will be the only light source in the interior. Insufficient lighting of your interior can be solved by adding another chandelier or by complementing it by wall lamps, table lamps or spot lights. Being limited with existing wiring in your room to add other light sources we highly suggest to consider LED downlight module for your chandelier.

Choosing a suitable colour of the chandelier

  • Apart from colourless crystal chandeliers, we also offer crystal chandeliers of various colours.
  • It is more difficult to harmonize coloured chandeliers with colours of your interior decor and what is more, in future it might be also complicated to realize any changes concerning colours in your interior.
  • Clear crystal chandeliers are much more universal and they can fit into interiors of various styles and colours. When choosing colourless crystal chandeliers, you have to consider whether golden or silver coloured metal parts are more suitable. Usually you can follow the colour of your door and window handles.
  • Neutral crystal chandeliers with silver coloured metal are the most universal. Silver colour is not so prominent and the chandelier also seems to be clearer than the chandeliers with golden coloured metal parts since the golden colour is more prominent.

How to hang the chandelier properly

  • If the chandelier is placed in an open space and people will be walking under it, the bottom part of the chandelier needs to be at least 190-197 cm above the floor, which is the approximate height of common door frames. So everyone who can walk through your door will be also able to walk under your chandelier.
  • If the chandelier will hang over the table, coffee table, desk or piano, it can be hung lower, about 170 cm above the floor. If the chandelier hangs above the table, it is important that the table is wide enough so that you don't touch the chandelier with your head. We highly suggest to consider adding LED downlight module for your chandelier having it upon a table or working space.

Hanging the chandelier

  • When hanging the chandelier, the hook should be installed on the ceiling of your room according to instructions given specifically for your ceiling. Also for safety reasons, the load capacity of the ceiling needs to be twice the chandelier's weight.

Hanging the chandelier with ceiling cup with the bar

Hanging big chandelier with ceiling cup with the tube

If you still haven't decided whether a crystal chandelier is suitable for your interior, maybe our Gallery can convince you.

Useful information about crystal chandeliers by LUCKY GLASS can be found in the section Frequently Asked Questions.

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