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Thanks to our online shopping system, it is very easy to order products on our website. There is only one requirement you need to fulfil – cookies in your browser must be enabled. The e-shop can work correctly only if the cookies are enabled.

If cookies are disabled in your browser, you can search for the information in the help section of your browser or you can ask any IT specialist.

If you are placing your first order in our e-shop, we recommend reading a brief description about Completing and placing order, then you can read about our Delivery and payment conditions, Discounts and Guarantee.

Completing and placing order

These 10 steps will help you with completing and placing your order.

Once you place your order, we will send you automatically a confirmation e-mail message.

Our system will usually offer you the shipping price of your order before completing it. If you want to ask for alternative shipping method, please choose Individual shipping option. Also please choose individual shipping if the system doesn't offer you specific shipment price. In that case finish your ordering process at step 9 by clicking on Quote shipping price. Once you place your shipping price inquiry, we will send you automatically a confirmation e-mail message. Within one working day you will receive complete information about your order including price, shipping method and the date when your order will be finished. You can finish the ordering process at step 10.

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Delivery and payment conditions

After you place the order, we will automatically send you a reply confirming that we received it. If you aren't offered a price when placing your order, you will receive complete information about your order within one working day (including price, shipping method, insurance and the date when your order will be finished).


We use several approved carriers and we always choose the most economical and safest shipping method according to the customer's destination.

Destination Option 1 Option 2
Czech Republic Czech post, PPL - packages DB Schenker, PPL - pallet consignments
Europe FedEx, UPS, DPD - smaller consignments DHL, DB Schenker - bigger consignments
Non-European states (third countries) FedEx - smaller consignments ZOOM CARGO, DB Schenker - large consignments

During the ordering process you will be informed about the shipping method and cost before you place the order. If you want to ask for alternative shipping method or if the price is not displayed, please choose the Individual shipping method. After you click on Individual shipping method, we will send you information about price of your order including shipping cost by e-mail within one working day. You will receive a link by e-mail which will enable you to finish the ordering process.


The acceptable payment methods are credit card, wire transfer from your bank account or cash on delivery. Cash on delivery is possible only in the Czech Republic and if you choose this payment method, the only possible shipping method is by post or PPL.

Data for wire transfer

Bank account for domestic payments in CZK:

  • Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s., pobocka Novy Bydzov, Czech Republic
    account no. 245641308 / 0300
    IBAN: CZ77 0300 0000 0002 4564 1308

Bank account for payment in EUR:

  • Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s., pobocka Novy Bydzov, Czech Republic
    account no. 245641391 / 0300
    IBAN: CZ67 0300 0000 0002 4564 1391

Bank account for payment in USD:

  • Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s., pobocka Novy Bydzov, Czech Republic
    account no. 245641412 / 0300
    IBAN: CZ82 0300 0000 0002 4564 1412

If your order total is less than 3,000 EUR (price excluding VAT and shipment), we ask you to pay the full amount before the order starts to be manufactured. Your payment confirms your order which becomes binding for both parties (seller and customer).

If your order total is more than 3,000 EUR (price excluding VAT and shipment), we ask you to pay 70% of the price when the order is confirmed and to pay the remaining 30% before the order is shipped to your address.

According to the register act of sale proceeds the seller is obliged to issue receipt to buyer. Also the seller is obliged to register received sale proceeds online at tax administrator, till 48 hours at latest in case of technical problems. The receipt will be sent by e-mail to the buyer.

Production time

The majority of LUCKY GLASS chandeliers are completed within 30 days from the date of payment. The date of payment means the date when our bank account was credited with your payment.

If you order chandeliers from the Coated Crystal or Leaded Crystal product range, they will be made within 30 to 60 days from the date of payment because they are custom-made and we produce only tens of them within a year. On your request, we can inform you about the specific date of shipment before you pay for the order. Otherwise we will inform you about the date of shipment within two 2 days after we receive your payment.

Import taxes and VAT

All international orders to outside European Union countries are subject to taxes due to the destination country. These are imposed on goods when transported outside European Union and are based on the value of the shipment. To us you pay price for goods + shipping charge excl. VAT. LUCKY GLASS s.r.o. is not responsible for any customs fees or taxes incurred on international shipments as these are the responsibility of the purchaser. Each country is different, please check with your local customs office about rules and regulations that will apply to you.

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If you place larger orders we will provide you with discount calculated according to the following table:

* If your order costs more than Discount
1.500 EUR 5%
3.000 EUR 10%
6.000 EUR 15%
9.000 EUR 20%

* Important note: Your discount is calculated from the goods total excl. VAT, without shipping costs

Special offers

Several times a year we offer a time-limited special offer on a selected product. In order to get this special offer, you don’t have to order more chandeliers; it will be applied even if you order only one chandelier of the given type.

Please note that this special offer cannot be combined with quantitative discounts stated above.

Current offer of chandeliers with special discount.

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Product guarantee

Chandeliers by LUCKY GLASS are intended to illuminate standard dry interiors. The manufacturer guarantees that the product's quality specified by corresponding norms will stay the same 24 months from the date of sale. Our chandeliers are supplied dismantled and without light bulbs. The assembling instructions and drawings in English are supplied together with each product.

The buyer must examine the consignment immediately and we must be notified about any defects within 3 days. No claims can be considered unless notified in writing (by e-mail) within three days of receipt of consignment. The written notification must include the description of defects and their place. The written notification can be claimed at the seller's registered office or by e-mail.

The complaint must be submitted together with invoices, proof of payment, proof of delivery and a filled-in guarantee certificate of the product which defects are claimed.

The seller assumes no responsibility for damage of the item caused by normal use, item's properties or inexpert treatment as well as damages caused by inappropriate handling and natural elements or force majeure. The guarantee does not apply to goods damaged as stipulated above. The seller is obliged to inform the buyer about the guarantee claim processing within 5 days of receipt of complaint.

Complaint about carrier

Our goods are shipped via carriers chosen according to quality and price of their services. Nevertheless, if the order is damaged on the way, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Always examine the consignment in front of the carrier.
  2. If the packaging is damaged (torn, drenched, etc.), write a protocol with the carrier.
  3. Don't let the carrier persuade you that the shipment was packed badly. We pack the chandeliers with the utmost care.
  4. If you experience any problem with the carrier, please inform us immediately. Put "Complaint about carrier" in the e-mail subject and then describe the problem, provide your contact information and invoice number (order number).
  5. Damaged consignments are not your concern and shouldn't cause any unpleasant experience.

Money-back guarantee

In order to minimize the risk of shopping on the Internet, we offer you a money-back guarantee. We understand that if you don't have the possibility to look at the products offered in our e-shop in person, the selected products might not correspond to your requirements.

As a consumer, you have the right to return the consignment within 14 days of receipt of consignment without giving any reason as stated in Section 53 (7) of Civil Code and Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. You have this right also if you order the products on the Internet and then collect it in person at LUCKY GLASS s.r.o.

Please pack the goods with care so that they are not damaged during shipment. The goods should be in the same condition they were prior to their purchase. Therefore the returned money won't have to be reduced by costs needed to return the goods into their original state. Please send the invoice with the returned goods which will confirm that you bought the products from us and it will simplify the process of identifying the products. Thereby we will know that your request for returning the consignment within 14 days of receipt without giving any reason is justified.

The money for the returned order will be send to your bank account as soon as possible, not later than 30 days of delivery of goods to LUCKY GLASS s.r.o. address. All costs associated with returning the goods will be charged to the buyer.

If you are not a consumer but you buy the goods within a framework of your business activity, which is determined by identification number (IC) or tax identification number (DIC) on your bill of sale, you do not have the right to return the consignment within 14 days of receipt of consignment without giving any reason because the Commercial Code does not entertain such possibility.

Furthermore, this right also does not arise if the goods are amended according to the wishes of the buyer or if the buyer lives outside the EU.

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Alternative shipping methods

If you don't want to use our online ordering system, you can also order LUCKY GLASS chandeliers by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Privacy policy

In order to process and deliver your order successfully, we need to know some of your personal data. All data entered into the order form are necessary for proper processing of the order and creation of documents related to payment and accounting.

The seller guarantees that all personal data will be used only for the purpose of fulfilling the contract with the buyer and will not be provided to a third party. Please take a closer look at privacy policy rules we follow.

Using cookies: Cookie is a short text file, which is sent by visited website to your Internet browser. It enables to record data about your visit, for example preferred language and other settings. So finally your next visit of website can be easier and productive.

Cookie files are used for many different purposes. We use them for example to save your settings, to simplify ordering proces and also to your data protection.

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