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Chandeliers with 12 to 15 bulbs

Medium-sized crystal chandeliers in this category have twelve to fifteen arms (light bulbs). These chandeliers can provide an additional lighting for your interior and what is more, they combine exquisite appearance with affordable prices. The chandeliers are suitable for spacious interiors where the ceiling is at least 3 metres high. Depending on the size of your interior, it is possible to combine the chandeliers with larger or smaller chandeliers or complement them by wall lamps.


CH-12 Crystal-HS New

 1.244 excl. VAT

CH-12 Coated brass-A

 1.296 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-gold

 1.588 excl. VAT

CH-12 Coated crystal-NBNS

 1.118 excl. VAT

CH-12 Basket-A

 1.354 excl. VAT

CH-12 Basket-AS

 1.458 excl. VAT

CH-15 Basket-AS Recommended!

 2.189 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-DS

 649 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-DTS

 1.270 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-XL

 1.191 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-XLG

 1.233 excl. VAT

CH-15 Crystal-D

 937 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-2D

 621 excl. VAT

Don't forget to look at bigger chandeliers with 16 to 24 light bulbs or with more than 25 light bulbs. It is also possible to complement them by smaller chandeliers with 5 to 7 light bulbs or with 8 to 11 light bulbs.