Hollywood Premiere of Our Crystal Chandeliers


The world premiere of the Czech crystal chandeliers by LUCKY GLASS in a Hollywood film with Bruce Willis is finally here.

The plot of the film A Good Day to Die Hard takes place in today's Moscow and the Czech Republic plays an important role in this film. Our crystal chandeliers from Novy Bydzov play a part in one of the impressive action scenes. Altogether 45 crystal chandeliers are dominating the ballroom where it comes to a gunfight between the leads and the members of Russian mafia.

You can watch a teaser from the action scene with our biggest crystal chandeliers here:

Crystal chandeliers by LUCKY GLASS have a good reputation in the world. The fact that they were chosen by the American film producers to appear in the action scene pleased us very much. We believe that it will further strengthen our position on the glass market.

In March 2012 the film crew of A Good Day to Die Hard asked us if it was possible to use our crystal chandeliers in one of the action scenes. At first, we thought they were just joking. However, they weren't. In May, after two months of intensive negotiations, the film representatives visited us in order to choose appropriate chandeliers and agree on their subsequent assembly in the film studio in Budapest. This was the real challenge. In June, our team went to Hungary in order to assemble the chandeliers. This brought us new experience and a lot of unforgettable moments.

LUCKY GLASS chandeliers arrangements in the Ballroom, hotel Ukraine
LUCKY GLASS chandeliers arrangements in the Ballroom, hotel Ukraine
Final set decoration of the Ballroom, hotel Ukraine
Final set decoration of the Ballroom, hotel Ukraine, photo by: Daniel Dorrance

You can see the film A Good Day to Die Hard, where our chandeliers appear next to Bruce Willis, in the cinema right now. The global premiere took place a few days ago.

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Chandeliers starring in Victoria drama
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