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Best-selling crystal chandeliers

Explore our Best-Selling Crystal Chandeliers and Wall Lamps at LUCKY GLASS. With various shapes, designs, and colors, these captivating lighting fixtures are highly sought after by customers and business partners. Discover our diverse collection, known for its timeless elegance, and experience the brilliance of LUCKY GLASS crystal lighting that sets us apart in the industry.


CH-06 Basket-A -20 % discount New

 645  517 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-DT

 212 excl. VAT

CH-24 Crystal-DG

 1.482 excl. VAT

CH-05V Crystal-G

od  257 excl. VAT

CH-05 Coated brass-A

 589 excl. VAT

CH-08 Coated brass-AS

 952 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-DS

 649 excl. VAT

CH-12 Crystal-XLG

 1.233 excl. VAT

CH-15 Crystal-D

 937 excl. VAT

W-01 Galaxy-crystal SPS

 167 excl. VAT

CH-08 Coated brass-A

 952 excl. VAT

CH-08 Crystal-DT

 662 excl. VAT

W-02 Coated brass-A

 186 excl. VAT

W-02 Crystal-S

 103 excl. VAT

W-02 Lotos-black

 426 excl. VAT

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