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Leaded Crystal chandeliers

Chandeliers from the Leaded Crystal product range are made of hand blown leaded crystal and decorated with hand cut ornaments. Galaxy chandeliers are the most exquisite chandeliers in this product range. They are ornamented with leaded crystal trimmings and suitable for the most demanding customers who are not willing to make compromises when it comes to quality.


CH-12 Crystal-gold

 1.588 excl. VAT

CH-18 Crystal-gold

 2.750 excl. VAT

CH-05N Galaxy-crystal SPS

 760 excl. VAT

CH-12 Basket-A

 1.354 excl. VAT

CH-12 Basket-AS

 1.458 excl. VAT

CH-15 Basket-AS Recommended!

 2.189 excl. VAT

CH-06 Basket-A New

 645 excl. VAT

W-01 Galaxy-crystal SPS

 167 excl. VAT

CH-10 Galaxy-crystal XL

 2.096 excl. VAT

CH-01 Galaxy-red TL

 230 excl. VAT

CH-06 Galaxy-azure SPS

 1.140 excl. VAT

CH-06 Galaxy-black SPS

 1.148 excl. VAT

CH-06 Galaxy-crystal SP

 828 excl. VAT

CH-06 Olive-A

 714 excl. VAT

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