CH-03 Crystal-A


The smallest three-light clear crystal chandelier from LUCKY GLASS product range. Together with larger lamps or chandeliers it can illuminate even a spacious classic interior. This chandelier can be combined with larger six-arm chandeliers of the same design or complemented by one-arm crystal wall lights of the same colour.

Check the chandelier hanged with other ones in spacious living room:

Chandeliers CH-03 Crystal-A and CH-06 Crystal-A CH-03 Crystal-A chandelier on the back right hanged in classic British interior

Price: € 209 (excl. VAT)

We can produce the lighting within 5-10 working days.

The chandelier is also available with gold candle socket covers (gold tubes) or with silver coloured metal parts (silver colour metal).

Construction details

Number of bulbs 3
Metal color gold
Diameter 46 cm ( 18" )
Body height 47 cm ( 18,5" )
Length of chain 30 cm ( 12" )
Total height 77 cm
Type of glass crystal
Weight 5 kg
Trimmings Asfour chains 30% PbO
Bulbs E14/40W
Voltage 230 V
crystal chandeliers
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