CH-10 Coated crystal-DS


A ten-arm coated crystal chandelier from our Coated Crystal product range. The dishes, bobeches and column are made of pressed glass coated with silver coloured noble metal. This chandelier is especially suitable for modern interiors with trendy decorative elements. The coated parts have similar effect to a mirror and therefore can emphasize the colour of your interior. This chandelier can be combined with two-arm wall lamps of the same design or complemented by larger fifteen-arm chandeliers of the same colour.

See coated chandelier hanged in very different style interiors:

Chandelier CH-10 Coated crystal-DS Chandelier CH-10 Coated crystal-DS hnaged in luxury classic kitchen with dining area
Chandelier CH-10 Coated crystal-DS Crystal chandelier CH-10 Coated crystal-DS lighted rustic dining area, by Hanak Forum
Chandelier CH-10 Coated crystal-DS Coated chandelier CH-10 Coated crystal-DS hanged in futuristic black & white kitchen

Price: € 719 (excl. VAT)

We can produce the lighting within 5-10 working days.

Construction details

Number of bulbs 10
Metal color silver
Diameter 66 cm ( 26" )
Body height 67 cm ( 26,5" )
Length of chain 30 cm ( 12" )
Total height 97 cm
Type of glass coated crystal
Weight 14 kg
Trimmings Asfour chains 30% PbO
Bulbs E14/40W
Voltage 230 V
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