CH-12 Crystal-XLG


The biggest twelve-light gold crystal chandelier. Especially suitable for spacious interiors with golden decorations and accessories. Upper and lower part of the chandelier is decorated with more than 100 crystal chains. High number of leaded chains guarantee beautiful shine of chandelier. The chandelier can be combined with smaller ten-arm or twelwe-arm chandeliers of the same design or it even complement our biggest crystal chandelier.

Price: € 955 (excl. VAT)

The lighting will be produced after 14th January 2019 due to full production capacity.

This chandelier is also available with white candle socket covers (white tubes) or with silver coloured metal parts (silver colour metal).

Construction details

Number of bulbs 12
Metal color gold
Diameter 118 cm ( 46,5" )
Body height 88 cm ( 34,5" )
Length of chain 55 cm ( 21,5" )
Total height 143 cm
Type of glass crystal
Weight 30 kg
Trimmings Asfour chains 30% PbO
Bulbs E14/40W
Voltage 230 V
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