CH-15 Lotos-green


A fifteen-arm green crystal chandelier with lotus flower design. The chandelier's dishes, buds (bobeches) and column are made of hand cut green and colourless crystal. Hand crafting guarantees originality of each component and therefore these chandeliers rank among the finest products of glass art. The golden colour of metal parts can be nicely complemented by golden interior components. The chandelier can be combined with smaller ten-arm chandeliers of the same colour. On your request, we can make you green wall lamps of the same design.

Price: € 2.343 (excl. VAT)

We can produce the chandelier within 2 - 3 months. Current availability on request.

Construction details

Number of bulbs 15
Metal color gold
Diameter 80 cm ( 31,5" )
Body height 80 cm ( 31,5" )
Length of chain 30 cm ( 12" )
Total height 110 cm
Type of glass leaded crystal
Weight 22.5 kg
Trimmings Asfour 30% PbO
Bulbs E14/40W
Voltage 230 V
crystal chandeliers
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