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Quality relaxation is getting more and more important for all the people in today’s hectic world full of stress. That’s why many of them arrange relaxation/rest areas or rooms in their homes to physically and mentaly relief and recharge new life energy. Some of them read books there, meditate, excercise or just have good time with the family members. Get inspired from photos taken in real relaxation places we supplied by LUCKY GLASS chandeliers.

Hand made crystal chandelier can be very suitable medium that contributes to create relaxing atmosphere in your home. It’s not just the room lighting, but especially high quality and lasting value. Decorative crystal element, which has a power to calm your mind and charge you by pleasant feelings, thanks to it’s shine and brilliance.

Usually people use and hang crystal lightings in pleasant day rooms like living room, where they spend time with family and friends, or dining room, where we all draw new energy from good food and drink.

If you still hesitate if crystal lighting is suitable element for places where you relax and enjoy your free time, maybe our Gallery can convince you.

Would you like to know more about chandeliers, Czech crystal, its history and production technology?

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